Rachel B. Doyle

Rachel B. Doyle

Senior Editor and Features Writer

Rachel B. Doyle reports from Europe, the U.S., and Africa on culture, travel, science, and history. Formerly: Deputy editor at Atlas Obscura, and News Editor at Curbed. Email: rachel.b.doyle@gmail.com

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Doyle opioidoverdoseandthelimitsofdrugcompanycharity 01 690 article
The New Yorker

The Limits of Charity from a Drug Company

Patient assistance programs have been used to justify exorbitant price hikes, while undercutting the political case for pricing regulation.

Doyle first north american gag order 1200 article
The New Yorker

Canadian Scientists Know What to Expect from Trump

The President's attitude toward government-funded research is nothing new. Just ask our neighbors to the north.