Rachel B. Doyle

Rachel B. Doyle

Senior Editor and Features Writer

Rachel B. Doyle reports from Europe, the U.S., and Africa on culture, travel, science, and history. Working as Senior editor, History/A+E Networks. Email: rachel.b.doyle@gmail.com

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The Atlantic

How Insurance Companies Can Force Bad Cops Off the Job

In exchange for coverage, insurers can demand that police departments implement new policies and training, and dismiss problem officers.

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The New Yorker

The Limits of Charity from a Drug Company

Patient assistance programs have been used to justify exorbitant price hikes, while undercutting the political case for pricing regulation.

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The Atlantic

The Founding Fathers' Secret Encryption Techniques

Centuries before cybersecurity, statesmen around the world communicated with their own elaborate codes and ciphers.

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The Shocking Medieval Execution Story Referenced by James Comey

Why former FBI director James Comey likened his dealings with President Trump to a deadly power struggle between King Henry II and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

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The New York Times

Where Tanzanians Tap Their Feet

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is host to a vibrant, wide-ranging music scene.

Escola bauhaus article

Definitive Proof Nobody Did Costume Parties Like the Bauhaus

The rigorous design school in Weimar, Germany put on marvelous costume parties back in the 1920s.

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How to Deal With Electronic Border Searches

What do electronic border searches mean for the future of travel? Here’s what you need to know.

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The New Yorker

Canadian Scientists Know What to Expect from Trump

The President's attitude toward government-funded research is nothing new. Just ask our neighbors to the north.

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The New York Times

Where Rimbaud Found Peace in Ethiopia

The mercurial French poet Arthur Rimbaud found a refuge from his earlier life in his ‘beloved Harar,’ where he became a merchant and arms dealer.

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The New York Times

In Sleepy Nazareth, a Culinary Awakening

The emerging restaurant scene is making the Biblical city more than just a quick stop on religious tours.

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The New York Times

In Ethiopia's Capital, a Resurgent Jazz Scene

Several venues featuring different jazz styles have sprung up in Addis in recent years, more than two decades after an evening curfew was lifted.

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Meet the Black Architect Who Designed Duke University 37 Years Before He Could Have Attended It

Starting in 1902, Julian Abele designed hundreds of elegant public buildings, Gilded Age mansions, and huge swathes of a prestigious then-whites-only university's campus.

Rwanda slide show slide u76k jumbo article
The New York Times

In Rwanda, Looking to Art to Soothe

A flourishing arts scene in Kigali is bringing healing and reconciliation 20 years after the genocide.

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New York Magazine

The Urbanist's Guide to Berlin

Drinking, dancing, and tank-driving where little is verboten.

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The New York Times

In Armenia, Art in the Shadow of Ararat

A vibrant arts scene is juxtaposed with ancient sites and traditions in Yerevan, the Armenian capital.