Rachel B. Doyle

Rachel B. Doyle

Senior Editor and Features Writer

Rachel B. Doyle reports from Europe, the U.S., and Africa on culture, travel, science, and history. Working as Senior editor, History/A+E Networks. Email: rachel.b.doyle@gmail.com

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Travel music dar videosixteenbynine540 article
The New York Times

Where Tanzanians Tap Their Feet

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is host to a vibrant, wide-ranging music scene.

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The New York Times

Where Rimbaud Found Peace in Ethiopia

The mercurial French poet Arthur Rimbaud found a refuge from his earlier life in his ‘beloved Harar,’ where he became a merchant and arms dealer.

Screen shot 2015 01 21 at 12.38.27 am article
The New York Times

In Sleepy Nazareth, a Culinary Awakening

The emerging restaurant scene is making the Biblical city more than just a quick stop on religious tours.

Screen shot 2014 12 11 at 12.40.39 am article
The New York Times

In Ethiopia's Capital, a Resurgent Jazz Scene

Several venues featuring different jazz styles have sprung up in Addis in recent years, more than two decades after an evening curfew was lifted.

Rwanda slide show slide u76k jumbo article
The New York Times

In Rwanda, Looking to Art to Soothe

A flourishing arts scene in Kigali is bringing healing and reconciliation 20 years after the genocide.

07next5 articlelarge article
The New York Times

In Armenia, Art in the Shadow of Ararat

A vibrant arts scene is juxtaposed with ancient sites and traditions in Yerevan, the Armenian capital.

1236hours1 videosixteenbynine1050 v2 article
The New York Times

36 Hours in Antigua, Guatemala

In Antigua, Guatemala, visitors can browse markets, zip line over a working coffee farm, eat regional food and hike up volcanoes.

Overnighter2 popup article
The New York Times

Norwich, England - A Book-Lover's Town

Two hours from London, medieval Norwich is a reader’s town, with a university that hosts literary festivals and plentiful bookstores and cafes where author readings draw crowds.

Belgrade4 article
The New York Times

Belgrade Opens Up With Amps On

Belgrade has emerged in the post-Milosevic era with a musical scene that mixes the pop and the political.

Cabaret01 article
The New York Times

Christopher Isherwood's Seductive Berlin

In the city that inspired some of Christopher Isherwood’s notable fiction, searching for traces of the writer’s life there.

19hours span articlelarge v3 article
The New York Times

36 Hours in Johannesburg

Tourists who bypass Johannesburg and head straight to Cape Town or out on safari are missing one of Africa's most thrilling metropolises.

Footsteps 1 articlelarge article
The New York Times

Rambling with W.G. Sebald in East Anglia

The author’s walks through the once-important coastal towns and villages around Suffolk County found their way into his hybrid novel, travelogue and memoir “The Rings of Saturn.”

20140831 living slide nl8t jumbo article
The New York Times

Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Flavored With a Dash of Poland

The recession halted development in this waterfront community, but new projects are now springing up.

Paradise article
The New York Times

36 Hours in Zanzibar

Venture off the eastern coast of Tanzania to stroll through historic Stone Town, listen to local music and sample one of Zanzibar’s spectacular beaches.

Mizlala restaurant tel aviv %284%29067684236 article
The New York Times

Restaurant Report - Mizlala in Tel Aviv

Mizlala by Meir Adoni, which opened last June near Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, can sometimes seem more like a well-designed club than a restaurant.